Evelyn is endorsed and supported by organizations, elected officials, community leaders and education advocates. 

A Better Choice PAC

ABC PAC Board looked at prior board experience, financial and budget acumen, independent leadership skills and a willingness to remain impartial on matters that require deliberative analysis.  Candidates had to display a level of integrity and professionalism and project an openness to consensus building so that the new board may use data and best practices for implementing sound policy decisions. 

Senator Yvanna Cancela

“Evelyn is who we need on our School Board. Her work in education, commitment to our community, and deep understanding of what our kids need to succeed, in and out of the classroom, make her the best candidate for the job. I’m grateful for her leadership and look forward to working with her.”

Assemblywoman Selena Torres (Middle School Teacher)

“I endorse Evelyn for CCSD Trustee because of her experience in education and her success in closing the achievement gap for students from low-income backgrounds and students of color. Evelyn has the leadership our students and teachers need.”

Adam Johnson, Father, School Leader, and Education Advocate

“Evelyn is the absolute right leader to represent students and families in District C. Her experience supporting students and families in education and her proven leadership as a non-profit executive, make her an invaluable asset to the CCSD School Board.”

Professor Joanne Goodwin

“I endorse Evelyn for CCSD Trustee because I have known for over a decade as a student, a leader, and an advocate for equal opportunities for all citizens.  I support her candidacy for CCSD Trustee, District C because of the experience and leadership she will bring.” 

Venicia Considine, Attorney

“Evelyn inspires individuals to believe in themselves and build a better future. She is a smart and compassionate leader who knows what’s possible and has the ability and experience to improve our school district by ensuring that every student matters.”

Carol Ferranti, Former CCSD Trustee, District C Candidate

Evelyn’s experience as a Director has truly demonstrated her narrative of publicly advocating for the successful futures of our community’s children. Evelyn possesses the dynamic leadership essential to infuse a more focused and passionate leadership among the Clark County Board of Trustees. Evelyn’s established skills include public relations, community outreach, and collegiate planning. More importantly Evelyn has helped students fulfill their dream of achieving a successful academic career to go onto productive professions. I can not express the importance of Evelyn’s transformative leadership and how this will positively affect the outcome of our students here in Clark County.

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